The Wrench Whore

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I'm still ridin' the Malibu Alps and
doin' motorcycle life style photography,
I've got some biff pics I've yet to post
been kinda busy working on a couple of projects

in the mean time ...
check out the latest Sunday Ride pics


Given the time and artistic motivation,
I'll post more stuff here


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Wheelies @ The Overlook - click here (10/99)

Slide Shows

Mulholland Hwy & Stunt Road - click here (11/99)

Mulholland Highway Pics - click here (11/99)

Observed Trials @ Perris Raceway - click here

Close the Year 2003 - click here

New Years Day 2004 - click here

Biff Pics

if you're not gonna ride safe, make sure the camera is rolling,
it's a shame to trash a beautiful bike and not get pictures...

CW Biffs - click here yup, the Wrench Whore biffs hard...

Gixxer Biff - click here classic look there, go there...

Tony's Last Ride - click here

Rick Biffs - click here

Hawkeye Biffs - click here

Andrew Biffs - click here

Gixxer Jeff Biffs - click here

Henry Biffs - click here

Mike's Tip - click here

Cliff Hanger Biffs - click here

Sam Biffs - click here

Bruce Biffs - click here

Misc. Drops - click here

while these pictures might be entertaining,
not only is the damage real but so are the injuries

wanna get digital?