The Wrench Whore

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share the perspective of a motorcycle guy
that happens to live in Motorcycle Mecca


Sunday, July 2, 2006-
I was involved in a life changing

on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Malibu.

I exploded my C7 vertebra.
Surgery went well...


I'm all busted up,
fused neck, trashed lower back,
left arm and shoulder paralyzed.

I'm now a disabled senior citizen

My stable of motorcycles has been reduced to one Zuma II scooter

I've been wrenchin' and ridin' forever...
To say I'm passionate about motorcycling would be an understatement.
I feel there is so much to be shared before I move on.

I'm currently experiencing an unenviable fiscal posture
I'm tryin' to make ends meet on Social Security Disability

Care to lend a hand?

Seems there is some interest
in one of my avatars

click the pic.....

Bein' as
The Sunday Ride
ain't happenin' fer me anymore...
I'm gonna see what I can come up with usin'
The Sunday Ride pics I've taken over the years

Enforcement is at critical mass in
The Malibu Alps

how do you say
Zero Tolerance Zone.....

Wanna know what I look(ed) like?

Wanna know how it all began ?

Cdub, how'd ya get the name Wrench Whore ?